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Zachary Baiel



Zachary is a citizen of the United States of America, an adopted Hoosier, and a habitué of improvisation. He has enjoyed the enterprises this country provides in the freedom of speech, press, and religion since he was a child.

Zachary doesn’t watch television except for C-SPAN, preaches about WFMU, and hankers for a day when people will express themselves open and honestly (just like you in a therapy session).

Active Years: March 2011 – December 2011

What is he doing now?

Zachary is [redacted] in [redacted] with his his partner [redacted].

2 thoughts on “Zachary Baiel

  1. your beard is so luscious. have a lot of teeth.

    (C-SPAN sucks, via an UNTRUE fan club member)

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