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William Hughes


Personal Webpage: Necessary Information

William Hughes is old .

Quick, mental exercise. Imagine the oldest thing you can think of. Quickly, do it! Did you do it?

Okay, that thing you thought of. He’s older (the he in this sentence being William Hughes). The Pyramids? When William Hughes was born, they were called “The Flat Bits With No Shapes On Them At All.” The Big Bang? William Hughes saw it when he was 10 years old, and was heard to remark “That’ll be trouble.” William Hughes is so old, he knew the Flinstones, and that doesn’t even make any sense because of fictional. William Hughes is so old, he assigns mental exercises to people reading his profile.

When William Hughes went to college (with your grandfather, see previous paragraph re: Oldness), he was in The Crazy Monkeys. Then he disappeared for a while. He claims to have been trained in improv at iO in Chicago, but he’s probably lying, because old people have stupid lying brains. Anyway, he’s back, apparently. Reactions so far are mixed. Anyway.

In conclusion: William Hughes. Old. Improv. Flinstones. Thank you.

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