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Shanna McLeod


Shanna could be the illegitimate grandchild of Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris was an avid speedboat racer in his early years and he always had his engines made by Caterpillar. Shanna’s grandmother, Eva Gayle Conrad, worked at Caterpillar as one the only women to head an engine floor. She was damned good mechanic and an excellent overseer. Add this to her incredible good looks and it’s no small wonder that upon inspecting his engine, Mr. Norris took an immediate liking to Eva. He so liked Eva that after running through the engine specifics he asked her for a kiss. Now, Shanna’s grandma was no floozy and instead offered her cheek to the man with the bearded fist. Mr. Norris accepted and said he’d be back in six months’ time for the fitting of her engine to his boat.

Six months passed and he returned. After the mounting (of the engine) was under way he again asked Eva if he might give her a kiss. On top of not being a floozy, Shanna’s grandma is also not one to take chutzpah from any man and began to make this quite clear to Mr. Norris. But before she could get going he presented her with a cast gold Hershey’s kiss. He thanked her for the work she’d done and treated her work floor to dinner.

Eva had the kiss made into a pendant and gave it to her youngest daughter’s youngest daughter, Shanna’s sister. Shanna borrowed the pendant.

Shanna is a lover, a rapper and a spinner of tales but this one, she swears, is the truth.

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