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Mike Koscielny

Personal Webpage: Waiguoren on Rice

Mike Koscielny first dabbled with the improvisational arts during his time at Hogwarts (and by “time at Hogwarts”, he means “four years as an undergrad at Saint Joseph’s College”). His trials and tribulations paid off with the most successful invention of the last millennium—the Snuggie (and by “inventing the Snuggie”, he means “graduating with degrees in both mathematics and English”). After a college experience full of differential equations, Dickens’ literature and differentiation—and alliteration, apparently—the state of Indiana gave him a “professional licence” to educate; he now has a job teaching high school math. In his free time, he enjoys writing spoofs to Lonely Island songs, being unable to complete crossword puzzles, reading, thinking his taste in music is superior, wearing scarves and showing people the picture on his driver’s licence. After spending a semester studying in London, he cannot help but favour using English spellings of words.

Active Years: March 2011 – June 2011

What is he doing now?

Mike has successfully joined the Peace Corps and is currently serving in China.

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