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Mohammad Abdullah Najam


Who is Mohammad Abdullah Najam? He himself is not sure. Mohammad often wonders whether he exists or not, maybe he is a figment of someone’s imagination. Maybe he’s a Mexican wrestler named Pablo Eschuela, maybe he’s an old lady named Gladis or maybe he’s just insane and is imagining himself writing his own bio. Mohammad has the ability to change his bio from third person to first person. Proof? I am Mohammad and I give out hugs for free. See? I told you I could do it but you didn’t believe me especially you Matt. Now switching back to third person. Mohammad likes long walks on the beach, hugs and anyone who reads his bio. If you see Mohammad walking around campus feel free to give him a hug. He is a hugging machine and can’t get enough of the hugs. In case he gets angry and punches you, do not call the cops just give him another hug and it should cancel out the previous one. If you are reading this bio then you have to re-post this bio to ten other improv websites. If you do not do so, you will be visited by the ghost of Tabitha, a scary dead girl at exactly 3 A.M on Wednesday.

Favorite Quote: “Hello.” – Anonymous

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