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Ad Liberation Files it Away!


Do you ever get the feeling that everything you do, and everything you are, and everything you believe is being systematically catalogued and archived by powers beyond your comprehension? That you are just a cog in the vast machine of life, churning away at the whims of some unimaginable intellgence? That your actions only give the illusion of self-control?

Yeah , we don’t feel that way either.

Anyway, now that we’ve got that all cleared up, why not come see some comedy tonight? Of your own free will?

FREE Improv show! April 18th! MTHW 210! 8:30 pm!



2014_04_18_Jason_NOCOOKIES 2014_04_18_Mallory_NOCOOKIES 2014_04_18_Tim_NOCOOKIES 2014_04_18_Taylor_NOCOOKIES 2014_04_18_Sami_NOCOOKIES 2014_04_18_Mohammad_NOCOOKIES2014_04_18_Mike_NOCOOKIES

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