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New Members, Bios, Photos!

Hey everyone!

It took some time to get everything sorted and uploaded, but we are doing it for you! We would like to welcome our newest members to the group: Rachel Monk, Taylor Daine, Dayna Leon, and Shanna McLeod. We think they are going to be great! Due to the new members we went on a photo shoot and can now officially share those photos with you. You can go to the photos page of our website or our Facebook fan page. We also have the new members and their bios up in the members page. Wow, look at all the new! The Ani-Gifs have found a permanent place on the site as well. Check back often because we have lots more stuff coming* and we are trying to get that out to you as soon as possible.


Your Best Friends in the Whole Universe,

Now with 50% more Ad Liberation

*A new player approaches?

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